31 Days of Loving the Church series

I began this series because I wanted to join in the fun of 31 Day of ________, begun by The Nester and her sister, Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky. I wanted to practice the discipline of writing for 31 days on ONE TOPIC.  I am a lay person and the wife of a pastor, not a theologian or even a seminary graduate.  These are my thoughts and observations, things the Lord has laid on my heart over years of being a part of the church.  I hope you find instruction and encouragement here!

31 Days of Loving the Church: {Day 1}
{Day 2} Choosing (a) church
{Day 3} Committing
{Day 4} Handling conflict
{Day 5} Community 
{Day 6} Community 2.0
{Day 7} Confessing
{Day 8} Why love the church anyway?
{Day 9} Foundation
{Day 10} Love your neighborhood
{Day 11} Love your neighborhood 2.0
{Day 12} Follow the spirit
{Day 13} Preach to each other
{Day 14} By schisms rent asunder
{Day 15} Criticism
{Day 16} Criticism 2.0
{Day 17} Gratitude for the church
{Day 18} If you have to leave
{Day 19} If you have to leave 2.0
{Day 20} If you have to leave 3.0
{Day 21} Friday food for thought
{Day 22} The Supper
{Day 23} Checking in
{Day 24} Let the little children come
{Day 25} The littles
{Day 26} The Word
{Day 27} Different and the same
{Day 28} A time to plant
{Day 29}Seek wisdom!
{Day 30} Heeere's Johnny!
{Day 31} Prevailing

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