Day 9: An outfit you remember from childhood

Oh, the 80s! What a time. I'm not going to write about the outfit in the photo, but I wanted to post it so you could imagine me in 1986 or '87. Photo taken in our driveway.

The outfit that comes to mind most is from my freshman year of high school. How I looked then was VERY important and also VERY weird. Oversized Shaker sweaters from The Limited were so popular. So were acid washed jeans which we pegged at the ankle. I remember a yellow v-neck Shaker sweater that I wore quite often. I also remember Guess jeans with zippers at the ankles. Those were unbearable cool, and also unbearable expensive for my mom. I think I must have bought those with my meager allowance. 

I also had an amazing skirt that my mom made me. It was tartan plaid with box pleats. It looked STUNNING with my yellow Shaker sweater and black flats. I remember wearing flats without socks to school no matter how chilly it was and I remember my mom giving me a hard time about this. Of course, now it seems ridiculous that I would sacrifice comfort for what I perceived as high fashion. Whenever I hear myself start to chide Lucy about such things, I remember my early high school years, and let her suffer her own discomfort. 

The dress above is just one of many that my mom made for me throughout my life. I remember loving it, though it was by no means the most beautiful thing she made for me. She made some astonishing dresses for me in high school, and even made dresses for my friends. 


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