Day 5: Little Things

The view from our bank ATM the other evening. Very beautiful river.

Today's prompt:

Write about small beautiful things in your day. Beautiful things you see. Beautiful things you didn't notice before. Beautiful people who help you see those things. Write for 8 minutes. (from @anndeecandy on IG) 

Back when I kept a gratitude journal and linked up my list with Ann Voskamp and her blog, I think I was much better at noticing the small beautiful things.

The life stage we've found ourselves in since moving to Texas to plant a church has not been kind to my noticing the small beauties of life; I'd like to remedy that. I'll try here to remind myself of the things all around me that are beautiful and worthy of noticing!

I enjoy when my house is all picked up and tidy (not clean - tidy). Everything is in order and looks inviting. Having people over every week is great for encouraging me to keep things so pleasing.

Our dog's attentive spirit - he just loves us so much and wants to be with us and please us!

A nap on Sunday afternoon after church is a beautiful thing - all is quiet and I feel like God is giving me a gift.

See the body of Christ love each other is beautiful. Recently a church member died, and watching our people care for his widow and her family so tenderly has been beautiful.

Putting together items in my home that come from different family members and different times in our life is beautiful and reminds me of God's care throughout our lives.

Coffee in the very early morning, when everyone is asleep and I have time to be inside my own head, is beautiful and a gift.

Forming new friendships and encouraging others makes me feel alive and like I have a good purpose. It gives me joy.


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