Day 4: A list of people

John and me last summer in Phoenix when we visited Talliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright property). It was BURNING hot and these red umbrellas gave us teeny bit of relief. Also, John was descending into the flu during that day. 

Today's prompt is:
For 8 minutes make a list of your people and describe them each with one sentence. See how many people you can do and don't edit or worry about it being perfect. Just whatever impressions come. Your descriptions today would be different from tomorrow depending on how things are going with each person. Go as fast as you can and be as concrete as possible.

John is loyal, funny, loves music, is the most extroverted person I know and he loves me so much.

Walter is very tall and very hilarious. He likes to overstate things yet has a very tender heart.

Clayton is quiet and thoughtful, with an artist's mind and heart.

Theo is full of adventure and great thoughts; he loves his friends and is one of the most confident people that I know.

Lucy is my ray of sunshine, and a performer at heart.

Clayton, my brother, is sensitive and wise and cares so deeply for others. He is also great at giving gifts.

Robin, my sister-in-law, has so much flair and an open heart to others. 

Fletch, my brother, asks really great questions and is great at adventures.

Jen, my sister-in-law, has more energy than maybe anyone I know and also such a sweet and tender heart for all of her family and friends.

My mom is uber-creative, a true homemaker, a reader, a servant to others, a thinker and detail-oriented.

My dad is a music-maker, a songwriter, an encourager, an optimist, a connector and a good gift-giver. 

Judy, my mother-in-law, is an open book, and so kind. She can tell you anything and you won't be mad about it because she's so humble.

David, my father-in-law, has a soft heart and is so generous. He makes and keeps great friends for life; he never stops making friends!

Derek, my brother-in-law, has a keen, mechanical mind, and is such an amazing, doting dad.

Luz, my sister-in-law, is an artist inside and out, and a deep thinker.

Meda, my best friend, has the best kitchen (because she's in it!) and makes the best dinners in the world.


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