Day 11: Things you don't enjoy

I don't actually enjoy a flat tire, but I'm going to write about something else.

So, don't be alarmed by this, but I don't actually enjoy cooking. I like a good meal, I like the smell of cooking, I like the results of cooking, I like the atmosphere of cooking. But I don't actually get excited about thinking about what to make and then making it. Why? Too many steps and too many choices.

John, on the other hand, like to think of ideas for cooking. He likes complicated things that require many gadgets and really thin slices and lots of different bowls and little baggies with many different spices. He likes so many steps and things to do. And the end result is usually pretty amazing! 

But me? No. I don't want to do lots of steps and finicky chopping and I especially don't want to try to think of what sounds good together. You know what sounds good? You making it.

Surprisingly, I am actually pretty decent at cooking when I put my mind to it. One serious weakness is that, because I don't care enough, I don't taste while I'm cooking. So, unless it's something I've made before and I know exactly how to make it, sometimes it needs something that I didn't know about because I just refused to taste it.

Here are some things I'm good at making:
*roast chicken (be sure to use enough salt and pepper and herbes de provence)
*chicken cheddar chowder
*chickpea leek soup
*chocolate chip cookies (have to channel my brother, Fletch, because he always made the best ones)
*Thanksgiving dinner

There may be other things, but I can't think of what they are now. 

What do you not enjoy?


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