Day 1: Taking Care of Your Body

I hope this doesn't seem like too random a way to start this series, but here we are! 

I actually think very much about taking care of my body. Especially as I get older, I want to do all I can to stay strong and flexible. Just this morning in my Camp Gladiator workout, we did an exercise called Get Up. It's where you sit down, roll onto your back, and then get on up, trying not to use your hands to do so. It's hard! But as our trainer (and my friend) pointed out, "This is a real life skill, people!" And she's right. I want to be able to get up off the floor just as long as I can.

Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus has a body RIGHT NOW? He is in heaven, with the VERY SAME BODY with which he was sacrificed for our sins. He's been perfected, but he still has scars. That's how precious his body is, how precious his death is. It comforts me immensely to know that Jesus has a body; it makes my own imperfect, subject-to-decay body so valuable, and helps me to believe how much Jesus loves me. 

I don't agree with those who denigrate the body or say that we are only souls. We are EMBODIED souls, and our bodies matter. Our bodies will be raised again, to wholeness and newness and glory!

As a mom, I've also thought about how precious are the bodies of my children. Their very bodies, the housing for their souls, have dignity and worth and a strange, mysterious connection to me, their mother. Flesh of my flesh. 


  1. Hi Kit! Oh bodies, they can cause us so much stress and sorrow. Love how this points us to Christ. Can't wait to read more!


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