Things you try to skip but you can't

This one is so easy. 

I almost wrote about doing Halloween, because this year I just about skipped it. We didn't carve pumpkins. We didn't decorate pumpkins. We didn't even buy pumpkins! Only one kid is going trick or treating, and I am not even taking her. We did buy candy to hand out, but the children have reported that it is "old man candy". Yesterday, I did hang up my one main Halloween decoration, which is a stuffed and glittery bat which I hang on the front porch. I also plugged in my orange Halloween lights and piled them on the front porch table -- couldn't even be bothered to try to hang them somewhere.

No, the thing I know that I must write about is washing my face before I go to sleep. 

I know that many, perhaps most, people skip this. You're tired! You'll wash it in the morning! How dirty can your face be, anyway? 

So many nights, I want to brush teeth and just get in bed. I don't want to wash my face. It's time consuming. You get all wet. It makes a mess around the sink. What's a little make-up on the pillow case?

Sometimes I get around this with the pre-moistened face clothes. They are okay. They make you feel like at least you did SOMETHING to get your face clean. But you're still going to have dark smudges under your eyes in the morning. And your face doesn't feel AS clean as it could.

So, with resentment, pretty much every night, I wash my face with some kind of cleanser and water so that I'll feel good about going to sleep and good about waking up with a clean face. It's annoying. Kind of like showering, but I do manage to skip that one fairly often. But the face? I just can't let that one go, no matter how much I want to.


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