Vacation Diary #6

Today is Saturday!  Not that that matters on vacation.  However, it is the day of the Taos Farmers' Market, a farmers' market to beat them all. 
And, more importantly, it is July 18, the day when our beloved John Clayton Standridge came into the world 15 years ago! I am so glad we can celebrate with him today. He's already been getting all the sugar cereal he wants while on vacation, so we're hoping we can meet some of his other birthday wishes this week, namely sushi and foods with lots of sugar.

We sure love this guy and are really glad to be with him and have time with just him. His grandma made his favorite birthday cake for him.  See how much he love to be hugged, too?

I wish you could come with me to the Taos Farmers' Market.  It is tremendous.  One can find all kinds things, including but not limited to: baked goods, vegetables of all sorts, greens, flowers, hand-spun yarn, soaps, candles, flowers, coffee, tea, fruits. And one can hear some great music and do some awesome people and dog watching.


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