Vacation Diary #4

Today we took Fenway on his first hike!  It was great fun.  We hiked north of Taos near a tiny community called Arroyo Seco.  You drive up a narrow road, stop at the green house, pay $4, fill out a permit and you can hike on private land. It's beautiful and not too challenging, which was perfect for us and for our dog's first foray in the mountains. We're still figuring out how to be good dog owners, so we kept him on the leash and made sure to bring poop bags.  

Speaking of poop bags, I remember thinking, when we lived in the city, that to own a dog in the city was to just resign oneself to picking up and carrying poop.  Every day. I was not ready for that, so we haven't had a dog til now, when we have a yard in which the dog can poop at will, and we can toss it over the fence into the empty field.

The weather here is just perfect.  I think the high today was about 82.  The sun is strong, but the air is dry and the breeze keeps it pleasant.  We hiked for an hour or so and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite a short and very weird interaction with a bat which seems intent on dive bombing us.  This is irregular daytime behavior for a bat, so we high-tailed it down the trail.  Clayton and John picked up sticks with which to whack the bat, should it have tried to say, bite our necks or something.

When we can home, I harvested some more choke cherries.  They are baking into a peach and cherry pie as I type this.  It will make a perfect breakfast! 


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