Vacation Diary #1

We start our vacation today!  It's a weird vacation in that three of our children are away at camp, so just John, Clayton and I are going to Taos this time around. 
Getting ready to go on vacation kind be overwhelming, even when there are only three of us (and the dog). So many loose ends to tie up so that you can actually relax when you get there.  And even then, we'll probably have some work to do to make sure things are all taken care of.

Our church people were so encouraging yesterday, telling us not to worry about anything, that everything will be fine, to relax and get some rest.  Of course, church planters tend to worry about all the things that could go wrong when they're away.  But it is a good thing for us to remember that God loves His church much more than we do, and it certainly does not all depend on us to keep it going!  If nothing else, God's Word will be proclaimed and the Lord's Supper will be shared. And that is enough for all.
There is something satisfying about driving away from home to go on vacation, leaving your workaday life in the rear view mirror and looking out to different vistas.  In our case, we're looking at a 12 hour road trip and there will be plenty of vistas, especially here in the wide-open west.

I'm hoping John and I can really rest, and that Clayton will still have fun, even without any siblings to fight play with.

I've brought many books to read and even some coloring to do, but I have a feeling I'm just going to look out the window, listen to music and talk to John most of the way (John usually does all the driving). 

Adiosito, Kerrville!



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