Just a Thursday morning

I was enjoying a good sleep this morning, wondering what time it was, feeling that surely I was sleeping in, when I heard our puppy begin to yip from his crate in the family room.
"Dang it," I thought, or maybe it was something worse.
I began to think through what day it is and what needs to get done and I remembered,"It's Thursday!  And I haven't prepared the church bulletin for Sunday yet!"  Normally I send all the elements of our bulletin to our design friend in Boston, she plugs it all in, we go back and forth for a bit with edits, and I send it to our local printer on Thursday.  Some Thursdays I get an email from the printer:  "Hey there, just wondering if we're going to see the bulletin today."
Yes, you are, after I scramble around a bit.

It's cool enough this morning for me to wear a sweatshirt while sitting on our back porch. As you can see, the sun is just rising above the trees at the back of the yard. It's about to get much warmer, but for now I'm thoroughly thankful for the cool breeze and the shade.

I wrote this post early this morning. Then before I thought it was finished enough to hit publish, I was swept into driving kids to camp, doing errands, making sure the dog doesn't chew up our whole house, feeding a person who can't eat solids (Clayton had his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday), making the church bulletin, going to work, picking up kids, taking to lessons, going to the store, cleaning up the clutter of the day so that we could host our lovely community group. Now I'm ready to hit the sack.  So you can see what kind of a run-around day it's been. But ending with a happy community group, good food, margaritas and not having to worry about getting everyone straight to bed is a good end to the day. 


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