In the back yard

Yesterday was the last day of school for three of the kiddos. (Walter was done last week.) You may have heard that we've had a lot of rain in Texas over the past month. Flooding in our area has been minimal, nothing like the damage done further north and east of us.  In many ways the rain is most welcome because Texas has been in a long drought; that may be coming to an end (we hope).  
Yesterday was a welcome sunny day, not too hot, clear skies.  I took the opportunity to sit in the back yard and enjoy the not-hotness for a while, as I know I won't have many not-hot days from now until probably November.
I'm glad it's summer, but it doesn't feel as free or as gleeful as usual.  This year I've got a job which doesn't really take summers off.  I certainly have some flexibility and can also do work from home, if needed.  But I AM very glad to be free to get up early and not have to all rush off to school.  It's a good change in pace and I'm sure I'll learn the new rhythms of summer time and work time.
I think being a teacher all those years spoiled me to getting off work when the children did.  What a blessing!
What does summer mean for you?  Does your schedule change or stay the same?  What things do you look forward to in this season?

I liked the red of the flowers down below and the red of the umbrella up above.

Can you see the amount of water in the bowl?  That is how much fell night before last during a VERY loud thunder storm.   
There is our little buddy, Fenway.  He's just about four months old.  


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