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Sneaking in here, hoping to blog a bit more.

I've been suffering with anxiety and worry of late. This song, though meant for children, makes me cry every time I hear it, and soothes my soul. The last line describes something I want very much to do: "Learn to rest even while you are awake."

The lyrics describe me too well:

Are you tired?
Are you worried?
Worn out from the day?
Have you been in a hurry?
I will slow the pace.

In her book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, Rosaria Butterfield describes a time when she and her husband were planting a church. She was responsible for feeding 50 people, almost single-handedly, each Sunday. Reading about her experience as a church planting wife gave me an appreciation that our work in church planting is different. I can't say it's easier, as different things seem hard or easy depending on the person. But one thing she said intrigued me and still does. She said that in that deeply trying time of busy-ness and unrelenting work, she and her husband found rest in God's Word. What does that mean? It obviously wasn't a physical rest or a break in the work. I have been mulling that idea for months, and trying to remember that I can find rest from the unrelenting nature of church-planting by drinking in great draughts of God's life-giving Word.  

I pray I can hide myself in Him and find deep rest, even while I am awake and my body keeps moving. There is so much to think about on this topic. I'd love to know your thoughts or insights.


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    1. Thanks, Jodi. Grateful for you.

  2. I'm so glad you are sharing, as I'm interested and often inspired by what you choose to share :) thank you Kit!

    1. You are welcome! And thanks for the encouraging comment!

  3. I love this song. I find it soothes my soul and describes me perfectly too. About 2 months ago I started running regularly again and just last week found what I call my 'stride'. It's where I can run at a challenging pace and still be comfortable. I do this by focusing on my breathing...taking deep, controlled breaths down to the bottom of my tummy (as opposed to breathing just into my chest). All the while, I can make my legs move as if separate from my body. It's kind of like forcing my upper body to be relaxed in order to allow my lower body to do the work it needs to do. Now if I could just find my 'stride' in other parts of my life...

    Thanks for sharing! -Luz

    1. Luz! I love that picture! Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing that!


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