Easing In

...to blogging.

People, I've missed this space.  

Spring break in March.  We went to El Mercado in San Antonio with some of our besties.  I LOVE Mexican culture! 

This is Lucy and one of her very best pals.  They are SO ADORABLE together.  I love their friendship so much.  Also, MEXICAN PASTRIES!!!!!!

Theo has taken up the accordion.  Not really, but maybe he should?!
The look on Clay's face indicates his overall disposition these 8th grade days.  I love him and insist that he hug me multiple times a day.  It's good for him, right?! Oh, and yes, I am letting my hair go naturally gray! 
My in-laws gave us season passes to Fiesta Texas!  Score!  This was our first visit, in March.  We didn't go on any of the scary rides you see in these pics.  It was just a reconnaissance mission.

This is our back porch.  We actually burned a lot of wood this winter in our cozy fireplace.  Good times.

We have several of these "poky plants" in our front and back yards.  Walter HATES them but that is because he alone has popped at least five different balls on these things:  three soccer, one football and one basketball.  Quite a record.  They are pretty gorgeous when they bloom!
The oldest and the youngest members on John's side of the family!  That is Memaw, John's grandma, who just turned 90 years young, and Ruben, our nephew, who is about a month in this photo.

Easter Sunday 2014, our first Easter as a congregation with Christ Church Kerrville.  Theo is thrilled by the resurrection.
Lucy has been taking violin lessons this year, as well as playing in a youth orchestra.  We are lucky to have such an organization in our town.

This is one of the only slightly poky plants in our yard.  They are really lovely in bloom, too!
This year we actually planted things in pots both on the front porch and the back.  Around here, you need plants that are drought-resistant, deer-resistant and Kit-resistant.  Here's to keeping things alive!

And now you're all caught up on our lives since I last blogged ten (10) months ago. See you next March! (hopefully you'll see me before then, but one never knows.) 


  1. I always love your photos and your words! Sometimes I check your blog hoping that you've written; don't tell anyone I'm that weird, please. ;)

    1. Heather! Weird is wonderful. Lucy once told me, "Mom, you're the best mom ever. But WEIRD." So there you have it! Love you!

  2. This may be your best post yet. I had so many comments I lost track, and can only say - pretty, funny, hilarious, cool, sweet, love it!, love them!, hysterical, awesome!

    1. Aw, Biz. You're the best. I realized, in looking back, that I did a similar post almost exactly one year ago. Maybe in May I have blogger's guilt?!? I actually have a few more posts in my mind...hope they make it out!

    2. like Spring cleaning for your mind

  3. Missed you! Lucy is adorbs with the violin. Lovely.

    1. Alisa! You are an inspiration. I mean it!

  4. Kit's blog = one of my favorite things

  5. Oh Kit... this is so fantastic! I love seeing life from your perspective. You're such a gift!


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