Moving Right Along

So when I left off yesterday, we were headed from Hotel Towanda to Pittsburgh to see our buddies from Cambridge, Heather and Colin Ashe and their kiddos.  Yay!
The day before our visit had been Clayton's 12th birthday, and Heather had a little celebration all ready for when we got there! We were all really touched at their thoughtfulness.  
We only had a couple of hours to spend, but it was a joy to see where they live, to meet their third child and to be loved by them. Dear friends.  We had special Pittsburgh sandwiches from Primanti's (with french fries ON them!) and birthday cake. Somehow I have no photos of all the celebrating.  Bad mama.
They had the Wii all ready to go, and you can see that our kiddos were ready for some video game action. 

I love Brian's face here.  And Walt is just taking it in stride.
I love this dear lady!  She is a Gospel-lover, and a pray-er and a good friend.

A cool bridge in Pittsburgh.  We didn't do any sight-seeing, but it looked like a super-cool city!  
Next we decided that we needed some more baseball in our lives so we headed to Louisville for the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  John had recently been to Louisville for a denominational meeting, and came back with glowing reports of the baseball bat factory.  So we headed that way.  If you ever find yourself in Louisville, I highly recommend you make a visit!  The factory tour is impressive and fascinating.
We saw some Amish along the way.  I think this might have been in Ohio?  Not really sure.

That is a dang big baseball bat!  

Lucy and Babe Ruth

There can never be too much baseball!  Walter ordered a special Louisville Slugger bat with his name engraved.  It is pretty dang sweet. 

We spent the night on the Indiana side of the Ohio River so we could say we were also in Indiana!

The next place we stopped was Nashville where we saw our great friends from early seminary day.  Stay tuned.


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