What We Did This Year

Friday was the last day of school for our youngest three.  It feels so weird to be done with school before June!  I am so used to getting out of school just a few weeks before Independence Day; it is hard to believe we have the entire month of June stretching out before us.  I've been hard at work making plans to fill the time for the kids with fun and educational things to do.

I mentioned on Facebook that this is the first summer I can remember where I'm not really looking forward to it.  Normally, I LOVE summer, LIVE for summer.  I think there are several reasons for my change of heart this year:

1.  I've never done summer in Texas.  A friend said that summer in Texas is like winter in Boston:  you endure it.  I don't think it has to be quite so bleak. I honestly liked winter in Boston; I just thought it lasted a bit too long.  As with every change of season in this first year, we have to find our way.  We have to find the fun and satisfying things to do in summer.

2.  Summer in New England is MAGICAL.  Except for the most humid days, summer is the BEST season to be in New England.  The beaches, the lush flowers, the ice cream stands, the city, Maine...I could go on.  Hard to face a summer where we may not want to be outside very much.

3.  This is the first summer in a long while where I am not getting off of work at the same time that the kids are getting out of school. I may have always looked so forward to summer because I, too, was going to get a break from the early mornings and the rush and bustle of working and taking care of the family.  This school year has been so different for me in that I have had LOTS of flexibility and time to myself.

I am so proud of our kids for completing their first school year in a new state.  They really did well, all of them.

Here are some first day/last days pics.  First day on the left, last day on the right.  Sadly, I didn't get one of Walter on his last day.  That's what happens when you're on a different schedule!

Clayton looked at this and said, "I looked so young!"  He also was dismayed that he had worn that shirt on the first day.  Guess it's not cool anymore. He has grown much taller and is also pretty ripped from being in athletics this year.  Hee hee!

Here are Theo and Lucy being silly on their last day.  Cuties.

Okay, bragging time now:
Both Theo and Lucy received end-of-the-year awards at school.  Lucy received the Good Sportsmanship Award for a first grade girl, and Theo received an award for being on the all-A honor roll for the whole year.  On that note, this has been such a year of affirmation for Theo.  He has been so conscientious about his school work, and, after struggling mightily for the past three years in school, has had a year with very little anguish and very few tears.  He has seen that he IS smart, and that he CAN succeed in school.  For those who know Theo and us, and have prayed with us over the past few years for this dear boy, you know this is a HUGE answer to prayer and victory.  To God be the glory, great things he has done!

Also, by way of keeping record, these are the things we have done this year that were new (I mean, in addition to our whole LIVES being new this year!):

Walter began high school and played varsity soccer and baseball.  He went to the state tournament with the soccer team, and even played in the final game.  Very cool for a freshman.

Clayton jumped right into middle school and played 7th grade football.  Despite being on the "C" team, he was never discouraged and really enjoyed himself.  He made friends, went to Sonic after school with friends, got ripped in Athletics class, participated in WyldLife (Young Life for middle schoolers) and got his first cell phone.  

Theo began piano lessons for the first time.  This is something I've been wanting for my kids, and finally made it happen this year.  His teacher, Mrs. Ingram, lives just around the corner so he can walk home from lessons.  He played in his first recital a few weeks ago.  He played YMCA football in the fall and did soccer in the spring.  He made lots of great friends at school, and had really the best teacher we could have hoped for for this particular kid in this particular year.

Lucy, thanks to our dear friend, Denise, began to play the violin in the Hill Country Youth Orchestra.  She also took a cheer class all year (something about "when in Rome...") and in the spring played her first team sport, soccer.  While the first two-thirds of the school year were hard for Lucy, and included many tears, and wishes to go home, yesterday she was teary to say good-bye to her teacher and her friends.  While she most likely won't admit it, I think she finally feels that she belongs.  Oh, and her front teeth grew in this year.

God has been so faithful to answer our prayers and to care for us tenderly!  


  1. Look how much Theo and Lucy have grown. Crazy!!

  2. Love the when in Rome bit :) awesome! I have a secret history of being a 'georgette' and was terrible at it.

  3. what a gorgeous bunch! I hope your Texas summer is full of wonderful surprises and joy. God is Faithful!


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