Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Some of you may know about Lisa-Jo Bakers's Friday link-up called Five Minute Friday.  I KNOW it's Sunday, but I though I would link up anyway. 
The point is to write, unedited, on the given prompt for just five minutes.  This week (or, last week, now that it's Sunday) the prompt is the word COMFORT.  Here goes!

I've been trying to sell this chair and ottoman.  It's not really "me" -- the tapestry upholstery, the huge size, the tasseled fringe.  But whenever I mention it, Lucy protests. Loudly.

You see, when we moved to our house in Arlington, Lucy was just a baby not yet a year old.  And on many a morning, after we had walked the boys to school (or later, after they had left for the bus with Papa), she and I would snuggle in this chair, in the corner of the living room, under that very quilt you see in the photo, and read and read and read. She and I fit right in there together, warm under our blanket.

In fact, when Lucy was a little bitty and she would get overwrought, she would cry out for comfort, "Read books!  Read books!"  Like that would make everything right with her world.  Her thumb, her pink blankie and reading books together in that big chair. 

Now she's bigger.  We don't fit so well in the chair.  And we've only sat in it to read together maybe one or two times since we moved that chair to Texas (where it fits much better than in an 100-year-old New England two-family home!).  Now we read on the sofa or on her bed at night.  But she can't bear the thought of that chair being gone because for her, it represents comfort, being together, being little and taken care of.

I still don't love that chair and ottoman.  But I might have to keep them, just for Lucy.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh man, that makes me rethink all my encouragement to sell it.

    1. Dude, I know. I still really don't like it. I mean, there are TWO of them, right?!? Couldn't I sell ONE?! :)

    2. Maybe we need to figure out how to refashion 1 of them and ditch the other...

  2. Kit- I am so glad that you stopped by my blog! Always a joy to meet others who are walking similar paths. I have already enjoyed reading a few of your posts and look forward to following you- so I hope that you will be encouraged to write more! :)
    I'm with Lucy- that chair looks so comfortable. Who cares what it looks like, right?!!
    All the best!


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