One year ago this week

Let's just not discuss the fact that this blog hasn't been updated in 56 days.  Deal?  A whole lot of life and whatnot has been happening and I have not had the wherewithal to report on it all.

I do hope that my wherewithal increases soon. It's been in decline ever since we moved.  I need a new supply.

I was thinking about the fact that one year ago this week was when John and the children and I first came to Kerrville to meet the people and be "interviewed".  For the children, they had a fun week in the Texas sun, visiting with grandparents and other relatives and friends.  See?

Meanwhile, John and I were in Dallas for a few days being interviewed about possibly becoming church planters in the Southwest Church Planting Network and establishing a mission church here in Kerrville.  While the kids gallivanted around with their grandparents in the luxury motor coach, John and I made our way south to Kerrville.  Here are some things we saw along the way.

We spent the next few days meeting lots of new people and talking about our vision for church planting.  I think I spent the whole week weakly praying, "Jesus, help me."  I was shaking and in shock that God might actually ask me to move away from my beloved city to the...middle of nowhere.

So now here we are, one year later.  We have lived in Kerrville for almost 7 months!  It's been a painful year, but certainly one in which we have felt the Lord leading us and caring for us.  This whole thing has had a sense of inevitability about it.  We have cried many bitter tears over leaving Boston, but have also seen God do amazing things as we work to build community and pray for our church to be born.  God has given us amazing blessings in new friends, neighbors who feel like old friends, a church group who loves and supports us, and the proximity of family for the first time our married lives.

I think I feel a bit like Mary after she had given birth to Jesus.  The Bible says that she "treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."  We are still pondering all these things in our heart.  We are wondering what God is up to, and how He will work in the midst of our weakness and doubts.


  1. I love you, dear Kit, and the way you put words together in such beautiful ways. Keep pondering and treasuring! Our last year, adding #3 to the family has felt quite nuts as well, I can nod in agreement about the "whole lot of life" but not the wherewithal to report on it. We will be continuing to pray for you all. It was so fun to get John's update yesterday and hear more about how we can be praying and how God is already on the move in and around you and through you. Keep throwing parties; I wish I could pop in for one. Big HUGS from Pittsburgh!!!

  2. I'm with Heather. I love you, I love your perspective on life, and IMHO wherewithal is overrated. Why do I think so little of God that I am shocked by the pin turns our lives sometimes take? Have mercy! Oh and "Jesus, help me." is about all I have the wherewithal to pray these days. Thankfully he's promised to do just that. :) love you!

  3. And a momentous year it has been! Just over a year ago we were anxious that we'd NEVER find the right person to come plant this new church, and then there you all were--prayers answered! All in God's timing.
    We do indeed love and support you and are so glad you heeded God's call to come and do this work here.

  4. Your pictures make me miss Texas. Hello, fried pies. God bless you all as you follow His lead. I know you'll be making fruit that lasts.

  5. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down. You are so articulate!!! Your musings often bring a tear or two to my eyes and challenge me to pause and reflect. Thanks Kit!!

    1. BTW, you had me at "wherewithal."


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