09 October 2012


Sometimes, on a grumpy, cloudy Saturday, you just need to drag the whole family in the car, do your best to endure the fighting, and get to a place where people play tubas, wear leiderhosen, buy chicken hats, eat sausage and drink beer (or Big Red).  That's what we did last weekend, and I think it really helped.  You can try it, too.

We missed TubaFest?!?!
Oh, look someone's thumb next to the German-y people.
Exhibit A of said grumpiness.  Yes, she gets grumpy, people.
But there's nothin' a little $8 chicken hat won't cure!  That's what my German grandma used to say.

That is a suh-weeeet beard, bro!

Walter might still be suffering from the grumpies in this picture...Actually, he had cheered up by this time.  He is just being ironic.  He's a hipster, you know.

"Uh, can you help me with my leiderhosen?"

So many options!

07 October 2012

Unlike me

But YOU, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.
Psalm 86:15

Linking up with Deidra at Jumping Tandem today.

02 October 2012

Life on a mirror

I found out something really fun from my friend, Denise, that all of you cool cats may already know.  
You can draw on your mirror with a dry erase marker just like a white board!
A few days ago, just to test it out, I wrote a message to my kids on their bathroom mirror.  It said, "Hi guys!  I love you!"
One by one, the children came to me and said, very somberly, "Mom.  Someone wrote on our mirror!"
Hmmm, I wonder who could have written such a message...
Since then, they have really gotten into this whole mirror-as-white-board thing.
Lucy drew a funny person saying "Hi" and also a crying baby.
Theo and Clayton drew out some football plays they are trying to learn.
Walter wrote, "I'm shipping out to Boston!"
Theo and I chimed in, "Me, too!"
Clayton wrote a reminder to turn in some things he had borrowed from the library at school.
I love that they are writing messages to and for each other, and having so much fun with it.
I think I may put Theo's morning "To Do" list on there to help him stay on task.
Also, I plan to buy more colors to keep the creativity going.
You could try it, too!