26 June 2012

Jump around

In anticipating our move, I really wanted Walter to know that we care for him and all he is sacrificing as we go.  As the oldest, he has the most investment in his school and in Boston.  He was looking forward to four more years at his current school with his current friends, so the idea of moving has been especially hard for him to take.  I have to say that overall, he has made a huge effort to be supportive to John and to me.  I do sense a softness in his heart; you just have to really look for it.
I really wanted Walter to have a chance to have fun with his friends before they all dispersed for the summer, and to say goodbye (however 14-year-old boys do that). So last week I took Walt and several of his friends to an indoor trampoline park for some fun.    I think they all had a blast, and I really like seeing Walter interacting with his friends.  They are a bunch of really good doobies, I tell ya.  It was a great afternoon.

Our dear friend, Tyler, came along as an extra adult on hand.  The little siblings had a great time, too.

25 June 2012

So many adventures, so little time

There is so much to catch up on!  Can I do it?!  I mean, really, the last post was almost two weeks ago, and so much has happened in the interim.  And so much happening in my heart.
Let's work backwards, shall we?
Yesterday we dropped the boys off at camp.  It is always a bit hectic getting them settled in.  We have to find cabins, unpack and make beds, head to the waterfront for a swimming test and also check in with the camp nurse.  Oh, and make sure that everyone is emotionally okay and ready to head into two weeks of fun. With our move so close, Walt and Theo were a bit emotional about even going to camp.  I think drop-off this year was harder than the last two years.  But all the boys were happy when we left them, and we're praying daily that they will have a great time and grow so much in their faith and maturity.
We only got a few picture of the campers themselves, especially the oldest.  He was pretty nervous and I didn't want to embarrass him.  Probably did that without even trying!

Facebook friends, you might remember a picture of me, back in February, walking on a frozen lake.  Well, here is the same lake in summer! 
Who wouldn't want to be here, especially on a perfect New England summer day?!?

One of Clay's best buddies from school decided to join him at camp this year.  So very exciting! 
We always see all sorts of people we know from all different arenas of our lives at camp:  friends from school, church, old neighborhoods.  It is kind of crazy.  Lucy saw this kindergarten friend, and they gave each other the traditional kindergarten greeting:  picking each other up.  Aren't they the cutest?

Then we caravanned home with some church friends and stopped by the sea shore for dinner.  These are friends we have known almost since we arrived in Boston, so it was sweet to have time with them.  I was thankful for a lovely drive along the coast.  I will miss the north Atlantic and its frigid waters, its salt water marshes and fried seafood shacks along the way!  Summertime in New England is idyllic and to be drunk in while one can.

More to catch up on tomorrow, dear friends.

13 June 2012

Red Sox

A few weeks ago, John and I splurged and took the whole family to a Red Sox game.  Sadly, our beloved Sox have some of the most expensive tickets in all of Major League Baseball, so we have never been able to take everyone at the same time.  But, when we knew that we would be leaving Boston, we also knew that each of us had to have at least one experience at Fenway, that magical ballpark.  
We had a great time at the game, though I did feel sadness that we hadn't been able to go to games more often.  Fenway is beautiful and really, really fun and totally Boston.  
I'm so glad we could make some great memories that night.

12 June 2012

Five more weeks

People.  Five weeks from today we will most likely be somewhere on the road (not too far) on the long trek to Texas.  That is so soon!  Way too soon.
So here is what is going down this week.  It is the last week of school for the three youngest.  At the moment, I've got three batches of muffins going for the third grade end-of-year party and the end-of-year brunch for the women's Bible study at church.  Oh yeah, I guess I should also use those to feed my little chickadees.  Then I need to make the final preparations for tonight, which is the graduation for my own students.  Must finish the remarks I will make to them, as well as make sure their gifts are in order, with meaningful cards attached.

Yesterday, Lucy and Clayton and I had separate field trips.  Lucky John went with Lucy and the kindergarteners to the Museum of Science and had a hilarious time.  Clayton went to a fair trade cafe and store and my school went to the zoo and a picnic.  
This is the last week that the three youngest ones will all be in the same school; this won't happen again for them, so I want to savor it and mark it somehow.
Aaaaaand, we'r off.  No time for more this morning.  Have a great day!

07 June 2012

In (un)related news

Hello there, my friends!  There have been so many times in the past few weeks where I have been on the verge of writing a new blog post, and then something happens.  Either other obligations seem more pressing, or my emotions just seem too jumbled and crazy for me to make any sense on the old blog.
However, in the past few days I've just about been full up with things I want to share and say and record, so I think I had better get to it!
I have lots of posts in mind:  some are sad and serious, some are sentimental and some are just silly.  Just because I like to laugh.
Today, I'm going to save the emotional stuff for another post.  Read on for some of last weekend's high jinks. 
       *          *        *       * 
I don't know about your kindergartner, but ours goes to an inordinate amount of birthday parties.  I mean, these kinders just keep on turning 6!  Seems like every weekend, Lucy has another party to attend.  She is in high demand, I tell you.
Last Saturday, John and Lucy and I were in the toy store to pick up a gift for that day's party, the celebration of a little girl in Lucy's class.  This little friend is an only child, very girly and highly doted-upon by her
loving parents.
So John and I amused ourselves by picking out the absolute WORST choices for the gift.  Just imagining the parents' faces if they were to open these.
Looking for the perfect gift for the little girly-girl in your life?
Look no further!  How about a frightening three-headed hound of Hell?

Or perhaps a ghost rattling its chains?
The green, club-wielding monster is always a popular choice with the little girls.
Now, I'm not trying to be sexist here.  I'm all for all kids playing with a variety of toys.  Boys can have dolls, okay?  Girls like Legos, too, you know!  But the thought of this particular friend opening up one of these...hee hee.
Battle droid, anyone?
Or double-sword carrying, horn-headed monster?
Or just a simple pair of handcuffs.  Every girls wants one. (I know, inappropriate.) 
Or how about a plain old Hot Wheels car featuring a guy with half his face burned off?  Here, have some cake.
Anyway, that's what's kept us laughing these days.  'Cause if we don't laugh we might cry.
Like last night, when two kids with tears told me they don't want to move and I was sorely tempted to join in the weeping.
More on that later.
Love you guys!