26 April 2012

Oh yeah, it's Thursday!

Hey everyone!  If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that Thursday is my favorite day because it's the one day I have to be home (or not) and "get things done".  Or not.  We don't always have to be getting things done, do we?  But it sure is hard to remember that sometimes.
Anyway, by way of update:  things are a little bit nuts around here.
John is away this weekend being EXAMINED by the presbytery in South Texas.  This will be his new cohort of colleagues when we move, so he is understandably a bit nervous and really wants it to go well.  But he is also excited to see our new church people in Kerrville and get some time with them.  They had their first official video chat a few weeks ago, and we have even named our new church!  It is very exciting to have a name for which to pray and dream about. I will unveil the name later, after this weekend makes everything OFFICIAL.  You know how I like to be official.
Well, last weekend I was away at our church's women's retreat.  The pictures from last Sunday's post were from my time there.  It was rich and such a gift.  Not only did I LOVE getting to know some new women, but I felt very loved and cared for by the Lord and by dear friends.  So thankful.
This weekend I'm going to a retreat but in a different capacity...I'm going to be the SPEAKER!


For some reason, my friend, Meda, and I said that we would be the speakers for the women's retreat of a church in our area.  John and the pastor of this church are dear, dear friends, so John is the one who put us onto this.  Of course, back when we agreed to do this, I had no idea that we would be moving and going through all kinds of transition.  So, my prayer has been that God would just use EVERY CRAZY THING that is going to on in my life to inform these talks and to help me and Meda connect with the dear women of Pepperell Christian Fellowship.  I was affirmed in that prayer when I asked my college friend, Holly, to pray for me.  She is a gifted writer and a wise woman.  She offered me this in an email:
My prayer for you is that your heart will break open and you will not be afraid to let its contents speak.  All that is happening in your life right now can be used, must be used, because it is part of your story.  Praying courage on you, my friend, so that you can step into your storyteller shoes.
What?!  Her prayer lines up exactly with mine, and so I feel that God is going to glorify Himself this weekend.  May it be so.  Selah.

22 April 2012


Tomorrow, spring break will be over.  Tomorrow I will make four lunches in the dark (well, maybe only three because oldest boy hardly ever eats what I pack him).  Tomorrow it will be lessons and homeroom and what's for dinner.  That is real life.
Yesterday was real life, too.  It was crying with brand-new friends, laughing hard over silly things, painting nails, singing and praying together.  It was seeing "Christ in you, the hope of glory".

17 April 2012


Be filled with the Spirit...singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart, giving thanks always always and for everything to God the Father...  Ephesians 5:18-20

From my favorite devotional:
Do we sing enough?  Are we a singing company?...Singing people are fed, they "feed on faithfulness." They are strong and glad and always have something to give others.  The world is full of sadness.  Let us be a singing company even while we grieve with those who are grieving.
Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways

Here are some of my reasons to sing this morning, even while worries and anxieties press in and clamor for my heart.  Let me sing them away!
A Russian play dough guy, made by Clay

Huge teenager making a cake because he was bored.

Playground time.  Because she is the youngest, she doesn't get much time with me at the playground.  I forgot how fun it is to watch her play outside.
A neighbor's tulips 

This morning's sunrise from our kitchen.
A glorious mess and wide-open window.  Summer-like this morning.

Her reading skills are exploding!  And she LOVES it.
Our flock of African chickens.  Thanks Mel and Craig!
Little beach treasures.  I'm going to miss the ocean.

13 April 2012

End of the week

I spent some time studying yesterday at one of my favorite places:  Cambridge Public library. Beautiful space, great people watching when you need a little distraction, free internet, no annoying music playing...I love it.  Here's the view from my table. 

Today my students and I spring-cleaned our classroom.  So much dust and grime, now swept away!  Time to finish this school year strong!
Look at the shiny! 

And as we all know, no middle school classroom is complete without a rubber chicken.  This is probably the third one I've owned.  The first two came to tragic ends at the hands of said middle schoolers. Just see how they torture.

09 April 2012

Easter 2012

I know I probably shouldn't start this yet, but...it was our last Easter in Boston.
I determined sometime last week that this Easter I would not be able to put on the whole she-bang.  I mean, I wanted, needed to celebrate the Resurrection, but I just knew I couldn't do all the baking, the cooking, the cleaning and the primping that I normally do.  Not this year.  I told John that I wished we could - gasp! - go to a restaurant for Easter dinner.
Most years, John and the boys go to the sunrise service at church while Lucy and I (and Uncle Clay and soon-to-be AUNT Robin!) get some sleep and then make sure everything is pitch-perfect for the meal later on.
This year, we let Uncle Clay and Robin sleep while all the rest of us got up at 5 am and made it to church for the sunrise service and church breakfast to follow.  We even scored a full tray of French toast to bring home!
We came back, found our Easter baskets and went back to church for the 10:30 service.
It was possibly Clay and Robin's last time to go to Christ the King with us.
Stop it, Kit!
Then, instead of going to a restaurant, we went to our best friends' church to take part in their Easter lunch.
It was a great weekend, a great day.
Jesus lives!  Death is dead, swallowed up in victory! 
This is what you do on Good Friday on the way to church on the T.

Holy Saturday, waiting for Easter...and Uncle Clay and Robin.

Two pretty ladies! 

No, it's not a white suit.  It is very light tan.

It's Easter til he comes again!