These helped me this week

Oh, hello,my dear friends and faithful readers!  It's been so quiet around here.  I had a request from a sweet friend in Boston that I might show you all what Christmas looks like in Texas. I will do so!  
However, today, I wanted to print some links to things I've read on the interwebs this week that have helped me process the tragedy in Newtown.  I still find myself weeping when I think of the children in their last moments, and the families as they face life without their tinies, and the other school children as they soldier on, having lived through the horror and its aftermath.  I am reminded that children all over the world endure unthinkable terrors and injustices EVERY DAY.  It's been hard for me to feel hopeful.
So, these blog posts spoke to me and helped me understand my feelings and helped me to feel hope.  Just a note that a couple of them contain {bad words}.  I don't think their usage is inappropriate in this instance, but I did want to let you know.
I also feel like I need to say that I don't always agree with everything these bloggers write/believe/etc.  But these posts in particular were helpful to me in deep sadness.

Love to you, friends.

Ann Voskamp talks about the flailing tail of the enemy, and the promise that his head IS CRUSHED.

Sarah Bessey poetically expresses the confusion and mess of needs.

Shannan Martin writes about grief.  We are not made for this world.

Rachel Held Evans reminds us that God cannot be kept out.  Amen.

More about our first Texas Christmas and how we are doing to come!


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