Life on a mirror

I found out something really fun from my friend, Denise, that all of you cool cats may already know.  
You can draw on your mirror with a dry erase marker just like a white board!
A few days ago, just to test it out, I wrote a message to my kids on their bathroom mirror.  It said, "Hi guys!  I love you!"
One by one, the children came to me and said, very somberly, "Mom.  Someone wrote on our mirror!"
Hmmm, I wonder who could have written such a message...
Since then, they have really gotten into this whole mirror-as-white-board thing.
Lucy drew a funny person saying "Hi" and also a crying baby.
Theo and Clayton drew out some football plays they are trying to learn.
Walter wrote, "I'm shipping out to Boston!"
Theo and I chimed in, "Me, too!"
Clayton wrote a reminder to turn in some things he had borrowed from the library at school.
I love that they are writing messages to and for each other, and having so much fun with it.
I think I may put Theo's morning "To Do" list on there to help him stay on task.
Also, I plan to buy more colors to keep the creativity going.
You could try it, too!


  1. I do consider myself a "cool cat", but I've never heard of this. Thanks for the info. P.S. Every bathroom should have a copy of Shel Silverstein in it. You're so cool.

  2. Oh sooooo fun!! I used to love this in middle school. You're officially a cool mom.

  3. Love it! Wish I'd known this trick years ago. It's harder to ignore than Post-It notes!


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