15 July 2012

Last few days

It is early morning, and I can just see the sun, big and orange, beginning to peek through the trees outside the kitchen window.  I am going to miss this little cluster of houses that makes our corner of the neighborhood.
Last night we had a cook-out with the five or six families that live on our corner.  It was great to just sit together, have some beers, share food, and talk about what we are going to go do.  We are grateful for this neighborhood and the friendships we have made over the last six years.  I am really going to miss our neighbors.
This is our last Sunday at Christ the King Cambridge.  John is preaching, which I am really looking forward to, as he hasn't preached much lately at our our church.  Then the rest of the afternoon will be spent getting the last of the boxes packed up.  I've been waking up really early all week, after having a hard time falling asleep.  Which means I'm pretty darn tired.  I love the quiet of the morning, and this week I've been using it to just sit in our beloved house and appreciate all that we have had here.
This morning I went and laid in Lucy's bed (she is sleeping over with a friend) and just looked out her window.  Her bedroom is in a dormer on the front of the house, and has adorable sloped ceilings and an arched window.  It is also on the third floor, so she can see over all the trees and very far away.  In fact, that was one of her original prayer requests when we knew we were going to move: "for a room with a window that can see far, far away."  Little love.
I'm grateful for dear friends who have come over to help me clean and pack this week.  I could not have done this without them.  I'm grateful for friends who have dinner with us and love our kids. 
This morning I just feel like my heart is breaking.  I'm glad I can trust God, that He goes before and behind, that none of this is unknown to Him.  He is faithful, He provides, He cares for our hearts.

10 July 2012

We are blessed

About two weeks ago our beloved church, Christ the King Cambridge, gave us a going away party.  
It was one of the most meaningful nights of my life and meant so much to John and me and to our children.  I know that I don't have the words to really explain how it all went down and how it ministered to all of us.  John and I were so touched by all the amazing, thoughtful details that the church staff (and volunteers, I'm sure) put into the evening.  We had Blue Ribbon BBQ for dinner, the tables were covered with fun flowers, the colorful plates and cups and balloons, kids running all around, amazing music, touching and inspiring words.
John and I will be feeding on this special night for a long, long time and will remember it with great hope and love for our dear, dear family.

By the way, Clayton took almost all the pics in this post!  He is having a lot of fun with the camera lately.
In addition to dear, dear friends getting up to say nice things about us (and make us all cry!), several of the musicians on the church played music for the evening.  It was amazing, so touching.  I'm SO GLAD that John had the quick thought to video it all!  I apologize for the shaky video; we are clearly NOT professionals.
I will post another one at the end.  Thank you, Christ the King, for loving us so much and TELLING us you love us.  You are a part of us and always will be.  I can't imagine doing life without you.  I'm grateful we have all eternity to be together and laugh and sing and wipe away every tear.
As further proof of God's great love and favor, we saw this toward the end of the party.  Friends who left the church at that time told us it was a huge, complete rainbow that went across the entire sky.  Oh, how He loves.

Jesus, Lover of My Soul: Going Away Party CTK from Kit Standridge on Vimeo.