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In anticipating our move, I really wanted Walter to know that we care for him and all he is sacrificing as we go.  As the oldest, he has the most investment in his school and in Boston.  He was looking forward to four more years at his current school with his current friends, so the idea of moving has been especially hard for him to take.  I have to say that overall, he has made a huge effort to be supportive to John and to me.  I do sense a softness in his heart; you just have to really look for it.
I really wanted Walter to have a chance to have fun with his friends before they all dispersed for the summer, and to say goodbye (however 14-year-old boys do that). So last week I took Walt and several of his friends to an indoor trampoline park for some fun.    I think they all had a blast, and I really like seeing Walter interacting with his friends.  They are a bunch of really good doobies, I tell ya.  It was a great afternoon.

Our dear friend, Tyler, came along as an extra adult on hand.  The little siblings had a great time, too.


  1. Oh wow, that looks so fun! So sweet of you to take care of your biggest boy so well. :)


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