Well, that didn't happen as planned.

Why, hello there! I am back from Tejas, and so sad that I did not manage to post on the blog while I was there.
I have got lots of great things to tell you about, but here are just some photos to whet your appetite.  Some of the week's highlights include seeing not only my dear mother-in-law but my very own mother on Mother's Day, hearing many, many, many times how much we are going to love living in Kerrville (or Kirbyville, as my students insist on calling it), enjoying a rain storm along the banks of the Guadalupe River, and touring six schools in three days.  Hope to be able to write more tonight!


  1. Are you moving? I know you like the warm.

    1. Hey Jodi! Yep, we are moving in July to TX. You can read about how it call came about at the link in the sidebar called Letter About Moving to Kerrville: http://kitandhercaboodle-kit.blogspot.com/p/letter-about-moving-to-kerrville.html


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