So big

It seems not long ago that we were playing this game with Walter:  "How big is Walter?  SO big!"
Well, now he really truly is SO big.  Just look at him! He is wearing a pair of John's shoes and one of John's belts.  How on earth did this happen?
Do you like his fake smile?  He really really did not want me to take a picture, but I insisted.  Mother's prerogative.  Also, we did fix his tie.  It was not askew all night.  In case you worried.
Last night was his middle school awards night and 8th grade promotion.  It was such a wonderful ceremony, which I, sadly, was not able to attend.  John was there, but I was at the homestead, overseeing the end of a baseball game, dinner and bedtime for Lucy.
However, I did get an exciting text from John as I watched Theo play baseball.
It said, "Walter got MVP for baseball!"
WOW!  Before he left, Walt was grumping around a bit, saying that he wasn't going to get any award and why should he go?
Then this.  
Now, I know some may think, "It's only a sports award.  Big deal.  It's only middle school.  Big deal."
No way, Jose. 
As I may have alluded, Walter is not very keen on our move to Texas.  I truly empathize with him:  he is the oldest, he is the most established at his school, and he thought that he would be at his current school until he graduates in 2016. So, for him to get his recognition in 8th grade, before we move, in his very favorite sport of all, feels like a pretty big deal.  At least to this mama it is, and it made me get a little teary as I read that text.
Thank you, Lord, for encouraging my dear son.

As part of the 8th grade promotion, each student is given a word, a character trait, that the faculty feels best describes him or her.  This tradition is unique and meaningful, and gives parents a glimpse into what their child is like away from home.  For us, we are so glad that Walter's word describes him at school, for it is an attribute that sometimes feels lacking at home.  His word was:  willingness.  John and I are gratified that his teachers see this in Walter, and we hope that it will come more to the fore as he grows and matures.

We are ever, ever so grateful for Walter's school.  Part of the deep pain of leaving here is having to leave a school that has loved Walter and our family so well for the past two years.  We were looking forward to many more years together; we will entrust those years to the Lord and watch for what He has for Walter in particular, and for the rest of our dear children.

As I mentioned, Walter is not really one for pictures, but here is one I managed to get* of him with his friend named...Walter.  Walter S., no less.  In fact, in baseball, the coach had them come up with nicknames so that he could distinguish them, as using the last initial wasn't going to work.  
Walter's moniker?  Vlad.  Don't ask me where that came from, but it really did stick on the baseball team, for two years!
I just about teared up when I was thanking his science teacher, and she told me that she just loves him, and has seen so much growth in him over the last two years.
AHHH!  Not ready for the tears to come just yet!  
We are proud of that guy, and really, really glad that we get to be his parents.

*Oh, wondering how I snapped a picture when I wasn't at the ceremony?  I came at the end to pick up John and Walt, so I had a few minutes to socialize.  Problem solved.


  1. This post made ME teary eyed! :)

  2. moving makes me sad, too. we've done it way to many times. and EACH time, God has blessed my socks off, giving our family different friends that i cannot even fathom having gone through life without. and the old ones? the ones that mattered? they become more sacred. they don't go away. HE has good plans in store for you all! i can't wait to find out!
    {i meet my best friend in the produce section of Publix in's that for God????" hahahaha}
    love to you all. when is the big day? TAB


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