On the road again

Can you believe that I am on the road again? By the way, that song by Willie Nelson always brings me back to elementary school and learning to do country swing dance in P.E. Little known fact: I was a country swing champion in elementary school. My classmate, Mark Crowley, and I would win every contest we ever had. Good times back in the day, I tell ya.
Anyway, I am on the bus heading down to New York City. This trip has been on the books since last fall when my dear college friend and dancer/artist/choreographer, Elizabeth, let us know that she would be presenting a major work this weekend. Little did we realize at the time that this trip would fall just after my trip to Texas and two weekends away at retreats. My poor little family. They are beginning to think that I just spend all my weekends away.
I am so grateful for my dear husband who bravely held down the fort while I was in Texas, despite coming down with a stomach bug and then a cold. He did not complain once about my going away again just two days after returning home. He is the bomb. He EVEN had all the laundry done and FOLDED when I got home late Wednesday night! Winning!
So far this bus ride is pretty pleasant. The seats are comfy, it is pretty quiet in here, and it is a gorgeous day outside! I am really excited to get to New York, see my brother and his fiancee (properly pronounced "figh-ance" -- name that movie!). I feel fortunate to be able to support my friends in their art, as well. I can't wait to be there.
Update: John just called me from Fast Phil's, the best barber shop in Cambridge. We take all of our kids there for cuts, including Lucy. I asked John to take Lucy for a cut today so she can look extra cute at her spring concert on Monday. He was nervous about explaining to Cindy how to cut her hair -- so Cindy just got on the phone with me to clarify how I wanted her to do it! I love that place. I am thinking it deserves its own blog post before we move..
Hope you have a great Saturday! Updates to come...


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