I'm leaving (on a jet plane this time)

Well, HELLOOO there!  Remember me?  Last time I checked in I was off to speak at a women's retreat.  
It was a great time with some amazing women, not to mention a WHOLE WEEKEND AWAY with my dearest friend.  I want to recap the weekend, but will have to do so perhaps over the weekend.
Tonight I am preparing to leave at the very crack of dawn and go to Kerrville, our new hometown.  I will be seeking a house for us to live in, and schools for the children.  Whew!
I thought you might like to see some great pics of the town so you can picture where we are going to be.  John took these two weeks ago when he was down there.
I promised my students that I would post while I'm gone...so now I have to do it!


  1. Gorgeous. I think you found your house ;). I am sad to know that you are jetting away from Boston, just as we are driving towards it!

    1. Kerry, how was graduation weekend?! Hope that you all had a fabulous time and that we are able to see each other before we leave for the West...

  2. what a cool looking place to live and I agree with Kerry - love your new place ;) Ahhh. . . .. the old Star of Texas! I do remember seeing that symbol popping up a bit around the place whenever we visited Texas ;) Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in Texas!!

    1. Thanks, Carol Anne! It is going to be quite an adventure with the Lord!


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