I Heart NY

My trip to NYC last weekend was so wonderful!  I had never spent time with my brother and his fiancee without any children around and IT WAS SO FUN!  We could chat freely, walk as far as we wanted to, stay up late, eat at weird times, browse in stores without worrying about boredom or things breaking.
We were just starting to hit our stride when I had to catch the bus to come home!  Oh well.  I am really hoping that we get one more chance to be in the city before we leave the East coast.

Saturday afternoon my bro and I made it to my friend Elizabeth's show.  It was in Brooklyn at a hip little theater space.  What a privilege to see her show, ask her questions about her art, and participate in all her creativity.

The artist speaks to her husband before the show.  Don't worry, she's not that blurry in real life. 
That's what I always say.
After the show, Clayton and I wandered around Brooklyn, people-watching and window-shopping.  And actual shopping.  I got some sweet shades for $10.  Robin met up with us and we had dinner at a place called Papasito's.  Good stuff.

After dinner we decided to walk home by way of the Pulaski Bridge.  I loved that Clay and Robin could show me some of their favorite things about where they live.

The next morning Robin made us a yummy brunch and we set off for Uniqlo.  I had seen ads for this store and wanted to go for a visit.  I loved it!  Higher quality than H & M but prices just as good.  You can't beat New York for the shopping experience.  It is so much fun.

Do you see Robin leaning up against that pillar on the right?  She was waiting for me.
Then I had to RUSH off to catch my bus back to Boston, but not without getting a hot dog for the road!  I also got a picture with the hot dog man.  

Oh, there are my new shades!  I love that it is perfectly acceptable to be a tourist in New York.  Everyone is used to it. 
After almost getting on the WRONG BUS, I said a hasty good-bye to my lovely hosts.  Aren't they the cutest?  Thanks for having me, you cool cats.  


  1. Oh my gosh - BEST post about NYC - everrrr! You captured the essence of the city so well in these photos, Kit! Makes me want to go down there tomorrow. Um, I also am a HUGE fan of Uniqlo - amazing! I always say it is H&M meets Ikea. :) glad you had a great trip!

    1. Biz, thanks so much! I know, I did NOT want to leave at all! I think I need to go back just to go to Uniqlo...and more. I just love it.

  2. I agree Kit! Love, love, love your photos. You are such a great storyteller!

    1. Thanks, Gretchen! What a nice compliment. I love taking photos...it's one of the most fun parts of blogging. Love to you!

  3. ahhhh....so jealous! I LOVE NY! Your pics tell all! My fave is you with the hot dog man. Glad you made some memories!


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