End of the week

I spent some time studying yesterday at one of my favorite places:  Cambridge Public library. Beautiful space, great people watching when you need a little distraction, free internet, no annoying music playing...I love it.  Here's the view from my table. 

Today my students and I spring-cleaned our classroom.  So much dust and grime, now swept away!  Time to finish this school year strong!
Look at the shiny! 

And as we all know, no middle school classroom is complete without a rubber chicken.  This is probably the third one I've owned.  The first two came to tragic ends at the hands of said middle schoolers. Just see how they torture.


  1. Treasures of the Snow....ahhhh. Currently reading it to my third graders. (So ready for summer!!!! Spring Break is such a tease!) Oh...and I am SOOOO obnoxious about the cleanliness of my classroom...as you can probably imagine. (It's a disease.)


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