Resting on Sunday

Today after church, I fixed up a little lunch buffet for the family and then retired up to my warm bed with the Boston Globe Magazine, my prayers cards, and a fuzzy blanket.
Before long, Lucy came to join me with her two special blankies and four books.  I didn't know if my eyelids could stay up for FOUR books, but we made it through, and then we both turned over, she put her thumb in her mouth (I did not), and we closed our eyes for a snooze.
Lately I have really appreciated the restorative power of sleep.  While I LOVE church on Sundays, and love all my people there, I do find that, when I come home, I need a bit of quiet time and rest in order to regain my energy.  Most often, this involves a nap.  While I am sure that my body is eager for the physical rest, I am certain that my spirit needs the time of retreat just as much and perhaps even more.  I feel that God Himself is actually at work in me as I sleep (Psalm 16:7, "I will praise the Lord who counsels me; even at night, my heart instructs me."), ministering to me with His Spirit.  Does that sound too touchy-feely?  Maybe it is; or maybe He is giving me a new gratitude for the gift of restoration through rest and sleep.

Grace to you this Sabbath!  If I can pray for you, please leave me a comment and I will pray for you this week!


  1. true. I am enjoying the privilege of restoration through sleep too. Sometimes I wake in the night and worry...but God is teaching me the sweetness of time with Him in the middle of the night too. So thankful He never sleeps and that He is always at work in my life. Praying for you!

  2. Praise God for his restoration. I'm on the same page with you girl!

  3. Last week I watched an interview with Eugene Peterson talking about the Sabbath. He said he usually comes home from church, has a beer, then takes a liturgical nap. I'm a huge fan of the liturgical nap.

    And, since you asked, this is a big week for my son who is struggling to stay in college--he's got a learning disability and I don't know if he's going to make it. Feel free to pray for his mother who is a bit of a nervous wreck. Thanks.

  4. Oh my friends! Thanks for stopping by here!
    I am praying for all three of you this week!


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