Guys!  I'm here!  I really am!  I'm back in the saddle on most things, though blogging has been slow to rebound.
So, as I mentioned last week, we were in Texas to see family and enjoy some sunshine.  We had a wonderful time!  The kids loved living the country life for a week, and seeing lots and lots of family members.
I'm in one of those places where so much is going on in my brain that I'm having trouble sharing ANYTHING! Ever been there?  I really do hope to write more soon and catch up on things.
Meanwhile, here is a little bit of our time away!

Did you know that central Texas has pockets of Czech and German influence?  It's true, as evidenced above.  We stopped at this bakery for kolaches.  We passed on the pickled pigs feet, however. 
We had great visits with family.  I love the picture of Walt with his great-grandma.  Doesn't she look amazing?  Oh, and how do you like our camp site there?  Hee hee.  

We ate A LOT of good food in Texas, burgers and Mexican food in particular.  Yummmmm.  Hey look!  Vicki's Burger Barn has a Facebook page!

We spent our last night in San Antonio where we took the kids to see the Cradle of Texas Liberty (otherwise known as The Alamo, or the Shrine of Texas Liberty).  True story:  when John and I were dating, he wanted to bring me to San Antonio to see the Alamo and the River Walk.  However, before we could make the trip, he made me refer to The Alamo as the Cradle of Texas Liberty.  I've called it such ever since.  Texans!!

We had an early, early flight out the next morning, which we nearly missed because of airport security INSANITY in San Antonio.  Okay, answer this for me:  WHY, in the name of all things American, does the TSA create a separate line for passengers who hold business-class or first class airline tickets?!  Shouldn't those privileges apply once you are ON the dang airplane?! Why does the GOVERNMENT AGENCY allow this?!  I was steamed about this, as you can tell.  Must be revealing some of my issues, I suppose.
I don't know what my deal is, but I have developed a real fear during flight over the past few years.  I HATE turbulence of any kind.  It's all I can do to hold it together while flying and I really wish it wasn't like that for me!  I didn't used to be like this and I want to get over it!  Lucy, on the other hand, loves all the bumps and jolts.  I want to be more like her, as evidenced here:
Don't you wish you could fold up in your airplane seat and take a nap?!
Well, there is our trip in a nutshell!  Glad to be home and getting back into routine, as painful as that can be.
Over and out! 


  1. Apparently, it's because the lines aren't set up by the TSA, but by the airlines (, who have realized that the only way to keep first-class and business travelers paying premium prices is to put as much distance between the first-class and the coach experience as possible.

    (Interesting story: a 19th-century French economist named Emile Dupuit observed of train service that it was rational for the operators not only to make first-class service as nice as possible, but to make third-class service as uncomfortable as possible, for this very reason: "It is not because of the few thousand francs which would have to be spent to put a roof over the third-class carriage or to upholster the third-class seats that some company or other has open carriages with wooden benches... What the company is trying to do is prevent the passengers who can pay the second-class fare from traveling third class; it hits the poor, not because it wants to hurt them, but to frighten the rich... And it is again for the same reason that the companies, having proved almost cruel to the third-class passengers and mean to the second-class ones, become lavish in dealing with first-class customers. Having refused the poor what is necessary, they give the rich what is superfluous.")

    Anyway, that's why.

  2. Oh, almost forgot - good to have you home!

  3. Kit, didn't you and John experience a very scary flight once? Like, "we might crash!" scary? I remember you guys telling the story of how you held each other's hands and prayed and how it was like you really saw your lives passing before you. Am I totally making this up? And, if so, why would I make something like this up?

  4. Love the photos, Kit! Texas is a very special place (in all senses of the word.) :) Glad y'all were able to spend time with family.

  5. Nathan, what an awesome comment. I still find it appalling that the airlines are allowed to do that! I like your story.
    Holly, you are NOT imagining that! That really did happen and I am sure it feeds my fear. But that happened so long ago and I thought that I had mostly recovered. It seems to have gotten worse lately. That scary incident happened when John and I were dating!
    Thanks for stopping here, Sarah! I know what you mean about Texas being special in all kinds of ways!


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