How exciting is my life?!

Hey friends!  Just a quick update on the exciting business going down around here.  

1.  I am always running out of gas.  That little light is always coming on.  Kind of annoying.  Also, the dashboard is really, really dusty. Oh, AND we apparently need an oil change.

2.  This is how tiring it is to go to kindergarten.  This girl needs more Rest and Rejuvenate, teachers!  

3.  One of our across-the-street neighbors apparently moved out last night.  In the middle of the night.  There was a big bunch of people loading up a U-Haul at 11 p.m.  And here is what the neighbor left behind.  Holy moly!  

4.  My silverware is disappearing.  And by silverware, I mean the stainless steel stuff that we got for our wedding.  I'm not kidding, I am down to four knives!  What the?!?  Where do knives go?  Are they with all the missing socks or what?

5.  Can someone explain to me what these are doing in my bathroom?  Was someone doing a little lifting while conducting other business?  Hmmm?

Welp, tomorrow is my favorite day of the week, Thursday (what?  isn't your favorite day Thursday?) and I'm going to try to have some more AMAZING things to share with you.

Over and out.  


  1. Awww, Holly, you make me feel good.

  2. Someone is eating the teaspoons in my house.

  3. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

  4. Alisa, I had that problem, too. Then my mom bought me a fresh supply. Now I need her to buy me more knives! :)

  5. hey.... we lead the same lives :)

    chaos and insanity rule and somewhere, somehow HIS Peace right in the middle?

  6. so hilarious!
    what are they doing to people in Kindergarten these days? I ASK you???!!!
    There are so many questions I have after reading this. Hilarious questions. Thanks for a laugh.

  7. JoAnn, ask them, ask them! I love hilarious questions!
    Tabitha, you are right!
    Erika, happy to crack someone up besides myself.


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