Have I told you that I love Thursdays?

I do, I love Thursdays.  Thursdays are my day at home, the day I don't have to talk to anyone and I can catch up on all the dust and unfolded laundry that accumulate in my house during the week.  It's also the day I can stay in my work-out clothes for most of the day.  If you were to see me right now, you would see me in yoga pants, two fleeces, a winter hat, and a fleece blanket wrapped around my lower half.  My booty gets cold, people!  Real cold!

Yesterday I promised more AMAZING things from our house.  And here they are!  Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a normal school day morning in our house.  The only thing not normal about it is that it's Thursday, so I don't have quite as much pressure to have myself together as well as the children.
Here is the view from my bedroom window.  Just seconds earlier, there was a lovely red glow along the skyline.  Apparently, I missed it.  Par for the course.

Some people had to rake through the laundry piles to find the right uniform shirts, socks, etc.  Pretty sweet.  One thing my kids like to do is get dressed while standing on the heating grate.  Fun times.

Lucy is almost always up first, and likes to eat cereal right away.  That's what happened this morning. But I am really trying to get lots of protein into the boys for breakfast.  Bacon (Canadian), egg and cheese on an English fits the bill (that's how you would order it in Dunkin' Donuts, just so ya know).
Lucy asked for some musical accompaniment for the morning.  Laurie Berkner is a kids' artist, but not too annoying.  I actually like many of her songs.
Some of us have to brush our teeth in the kitchen in the morning because of this:

Behind that door is Walter taking a shower in our ONE bathroom.  Sigh.  First world problems, people.
Then comes the mad rush out the door with John giving updates from his phone app: "The bus is coming in seven minutes...we need to walk out...you don't have your shoes on?!?...okay, we have four minutes and we're going to have to run."  This morning was more crazy and rushed than usual and I literally shoved the kids out the door.  Barely had a chance to smooch them or John.  I don't like that one bit.  Must do better!
Then Walter and I get in the car and go to school.  He likes to sulk and tell me how to drive on the way to school.  Thanks, Mr. 13-Year-Old!  Today I started singing really loudly with the radio.  He did NOT like that one bit.  It really offended his sensibilities.  Sheesh.  I always tell him I love him and that I hope he has a great day and that Jesus loves him while we are driving down the school driveway, because I know he won't want to hear it when we are in front of the school.  Although sometimes, when he is getting his enormous backpack out of the back of the car, I do stage-whisper to him, "Jesus loves you, Walter!"  I think it really helps him to have a great middle-school day.  Don't you?

On most days, I go to work after dropping off Walter.  On Thursdays, I come home and look at my list.
You wish you could read it, dontcha?  But you can't.  I purposefully held the camera at such an angle that you couldn't read it.  Some things on my list might seem a little silly to you, and I'm not up for that kind of scrutiny.   I'm real private like that.  I love my notebook (it's my favorite kind - Miguel Rius). I love my lists.  I love Thursdays, even when my booty is freezing off.
I hope you, too, have an amazing Thursday, with all that you have to do!  I'm grateful for you out there!


  1. So I'm not the only one who, when she has a day to herself, catches up on the dust and unfolded laundry? Embarrassing your thirteen-year old son? Oh, sister! You're just getting warmed up! I used to think I embarrassed my son simply by breathing. It is getting better, though. :)

  2. i love this kit!! so fun to read. i'm especially hanging onto every word you say about middle school -- ahhh!! it scares me even with 3 years between us.

  3. I've loved these last 2 posts, Kit! Thank you for the honest piles of laundry and the sweet stories of whispering love to a sulky middle schooler. And I do think it helps! If you're looking for a great new kid's album, Laura Veirs' Tumblebee is the new favorite around here, for me as well as the kids! The dude from the Decemberists sings with her on one song, and some of them are a bit dark if you listen carefully, but most of them mined from American Folk songs.


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