A winter hike

Wasn't the long weekend nice?  I love a good Monday off of work.  It really makes Sunday feel different, less pressured and tense.  I don't like for Sundays to be that way, but such is our reality now.  
Yesterday it warmed up nicely to about 30 degrees.  The boys were at a friend's house, so John, Lucy and I headed out for a walk at a little property that was new to us.
The best parts were walking out on the ice on the pond and hearing the amazing sounds of the ice groaning and forming!  You've never heard anything like this.  It was like a combination of whale sounds, loud pops and really really loud bullfrogs.
We also saw lots and lots evidence of beaver activity.  Those buggers are crazy!  They chop down all kinds of enormous trees; I had no idea.

Isn't John's hat awesome?  That thing is WARM.  It was his birthday present last year. 

Oooo, look at the bug art!  Don't you just love it?!  All creation worships Him!

You can tell they were just gnawing on this one!  I had never seen anything like this.

What the?!?  Those beavers are cah-razy, I tell you!


  1. beavers...crazy! makes me want to go on a beaver hunt with the kids! oh, and adorable pic of you and lucy!

  2. Erin, it was so fun! Your guys would have loved it.
    Alisa, thanks! It's so warm; I just love it. Glad you had a day off, too, on Monday!
    Love you two girls!

  3. love the wintery pictures. We're still kinda waiting for winter here in Pittsburgh. It's been trying to get here, making itself known in fits and spurts. I think it's so sweet you had an outing with just Lucy! Happy long weekend!!

  4. Heather! How are you, preggo? Glad to "hear" you again here. Love to you.


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