It's crickets...

...around here!  My head has been so full with things going on in life, and I just haven't been up for writing much lately.  I haven't even been taking pictures!

Here are a few things:
1.  Winter has not really happened here.  We had one real snow day last weekend, but tomorrow is supposed to be near 50!  I am really getting used to seeing the sidewalks and no shoveling this winter!

2.  I made kale chips.  Have you done this?  Take a big bunch of kale, stems cut off and chopped up, toss in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake until crispy at 250 or 300 degrees.  Quite yummy, I must say, and so good for you!

3.  Lucy is still as funny as ever.  Yesterday, Walter told her to be careful with the marker she was using because it might explode (he was exaggerating!).  Quite calmly, without looking up, she said, "No.  You're thinking of a bomb."
Oh, quite right.

4.  My dear madre gave me some fleece pajamas at Christmas.  They are the best. thing. ever!  So warm and snuggly.  I wish my whole house was made out of fleece.  How awesome would that be?!  Fleece everywhere, all the time, especially on my cold kitchen chairs.

5.  Tim and Kathy Keller's book, The Meaning of Marriage.  Are you single?  Read it.  Are you married?  Read it.  Do you know anyone single or married?  Read it.

6. Being a parent is really really hard.  Nothing brings out the sin in me like coming up against my children, one in particular.  We are so much alike, and no one pushes my buttons like this child.  I am appalled at how quickly anger can flare up in me when this child pushes against me (which has been this person's M.O. since a very early age). Lord, give me strength for the marathon and please reign me in.  Make me wise, make me patient.  I lack, I lack.

7.  I love scruffy old New England.  I love the guys in their Bruins jerseys, the women who barely wear make-up, the people who line up to wait for the library to open at 1 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon (who does that?!), the crazy drivers (pretty sure I've become one), Dunkin' Donuts, gruff neighbors and no parking places.  

8.  John's preaching at a different church this Sunday.  He doesn't preach every Sunday at our church, so he's glad for the practice.  Which reminds me of the time that John was preaching at our church.  Theo was in the front row. He made a big sign on his bulletin that said, "TOO LONG!" and he kept holding it up in the hopes that John would see it and quit preaching.  It didn't work because I made him quit holding up the sign.

9.  Which also reminds me that every Sunday during the sermon, without fail, Theo asks me, "How much longer?"  Do you think I really know how much longer?  No.  Of course not.  I have no idea how much longer, but I always give Theo an authoritative answer, like this: Me, looking pensive and whispering, "Twelve minutes."
Theo is always satisfied with my answer so it always works out okay, even if it ends up being more like 20 minutes.

10.  Do you have a drawer like this?  You should.  All the stuff in the other drawers?  Okay to lose.  NOT this stuff.  Got it?


  1. I truly need to try the kale chips. I also need to get myself a drawer...or maybe a closet of that sort.

  2. "Too Long" made me laugh out loud! I'd love to meet your cute kids. I need some fleece jammies. My bed is too cold.

  3. 8 and 9 made me laugh. I give Will the "12 minute" answer almost every Sunday. Funny how that seems to satisfy. :)


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