16 July 2011

15 July 2011


We are visiting John's parents in New Mexico.  While I didn't grow up in this state, I am from just one state over (not really the same thing in the Southwest as it is in New England, given how much more space there is in between things out here).
I love this landscape:  the big sky, the cloud formations, the ability to quickly tell which way is North (no dang trees in the way), the dry air, the architecture, the dust, the afternoon monsoons.
We went on a hike into the Rio Grande gorge the other day.  While the sign called it a "moderate" hike, we found it quite challenging to climb up almost a mile at 7000 ft above sea level!  Our little lungs were challenged!
But we all did it, and felt so accomplished afterwards.
As you look at these pictures, try to imagine the smell of sun-dried pine needles.  That is one of the smells of home to me.
This is where the Red River and the Rio Grande join.

The desert girl finds water!  Not such a big deal in New England, but such a luxury in the desert. 
This spring runs down to the Rio Grande.

A little meditation in the middle of the water fall.

Got my campers back!

I know it's a week late, but here are some cute pics of when we picked up the boys last weekend. They all had an amazing two weeks, and it was such a fun car ride home, hearing all their stories, accomplishments, and songs.
By the way, I'm trying out my inaugural post from the iPad. Bear with me as I try some stuff out. You guys don't mind being guinea pigs, do ya?
If you have any tips on blogging from this device, please share!

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09 July 2011

That darn mouse

Ya see that up there?  That is am EMPTY mouse trap!  That stinkin' mouse had the audacity to:
1.  climb up on the stove in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY and poop in a pot of left-over Annie's mac and cheese.
2.  run across from the dining room to this corner yesterday IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.
But will he be caught?  Will be come and eat the delicious peanut butter on this death trap?  No.  He has defied me for days.  
In the past, I had great success with the peanut butter mouse trap.  But, perhaps this one has a more discerning palate.  What do you think he is waiting for?  Gouda?  Havarti?  A lollipop?
In other news, today we are picking up the guys from camp.  I can't wait to hug them and embarrass them in front of their friends (just kidding - but I am going to hug them.  And smooch them.).
In other other news, I am reading this book.  It's good; not my usual read, but quite interesting and came recommended to me by one of my usual book recommenders.  
What are you reading this summer?  Let's do a book post soon!

04 July 2011

4th of July

Happy Independence Day!  I hope you and your family celebrated in some fun ways today.
It felt very quiet and weird to not have the boys here today.  John was up at 4 AM (crazy man!) to start smoking a brisket for our church cookout this afternoon.  He spent the day tending to his meat,
can you smell it?  mmm, smoky.
while I did a myriad of little jobs around the house.
I also made this to take to the cookout:
Doesn't it look like a firework?  It didn't turn out like the picture from the recipe (taken from the Boston Globe magazine) but I think I liked mine better (hee hee!).
 The shindig at church was tons of fun, with lots and lots of people, many from church, and many friends and people from the neighborhood.  A big success on the loving our neighbors front!

Lots of folks walked from church down to the river to watch the big Boston fireworks and to hear the Boston Pops.
But, with fireworks not starting until 10:30, we decided to come home and use some left over sparklers!

We sure missed the boys, but we're sure they are having a blast at camp.
Happy 4th of July, friends!

03 July 2011

More City

Last summer we took the whole family to New York to visit Uncle Clay.  It was a tiring and sweaty two days, but we all LOVED it.  In fact, in school this year, when Theo had to write about his favorite place, he wrote this:
In Manhattan
by Theo S.

I hear taxis honking while I
walk down the sidewalk smelling
delicious smells flow out of 
doors open sights of New York City
big T.V.s
in Times Square, tasting hot dogs
with puffy buns
street meat stands vendors they 
sell giant pretzels
smelling grass in Central
Park tasting the greasy pizza
from Grand Central Station
admiring the Empire State
Building the Chrysler Building
and the Statue of Liberty.

Here are some of my people watching pics, amongst others.  We were playing a little game called "European or American?".  Try it, it's fun.