This is Lucy and her beloved green coat, size 3T.  She keeps wanting to wear it because she loves it, but it really is just too small.  She's six, remember?!  Lucy and I decided that it might be time to pass the coat on to a little friend at church, one who might appreciate such a fun coat.  This friend wears a number of Lucy's clothes, and I love to see the cute girly things getting more life and wear.

Lucy was quite happy to know that her friend, Marlee, will have her coat.  It was the mama who struggled to let go.  John was pragmatic, telling me it's the "circle of life".  Maybe it's the circle of cute little girl clothes?
          *        *        *
Today in the car, the subject of super heroes and super powers came up.  Lucy was the voice of reason.
John:  What about super powers?
Lucy:  Nobody has super powers. Only God has super powers.
John (tongue in cheek):  And Superman.
Lucy:  Papa, Superman is FICTION.

Fiction?!  Are you kidding me?
          *        *        *
Last night, after reading the Jesse Tree section about Abraham and all the nations of the earth being blessed by his seed, the whole family broke out into a LOUD rendition of "Father Abraham".  Do you know this kids' song?  It's the Sunday school version of the Hokey Pokey, with all kinds of motions and repetion.  And, just like the Hokey Pokey, it can get a *tiny* bit irritating after a while.  Walter was mortified by our unbridled enthusiasm.  It was awesome.
          *        *        *
I find Nerf darts ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE.  In my bed, in drawers, anywhere I vacuum, in the kitchen chairs, stuck to paintings on the wall, in backpacks, in the heating grates.  I don't want to wish these days away.  I don't want to wish for them to be quieter, neater, nicer.  I want to love them NOW.  I want to love that they want to make their own things in the kitchen even though it ends up with hot chocolate dust everywhere.  I want to be patient and teach them, and not just wish that they were more teachable.  I want to see everything that is wonderful about them RIGHT NOW.
Lord, help me see.

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And also, wanting you to go read Ann's post today because it is what I feel and am trying to say.


  1. This is so fun, Kit; little peeks into the window throughout your day. Thanks for unwrapping!

  2. Love this post! You make me want to buy a nerf gun!

  3. We love that green coat! May the circle of life continue :-)

  4. My house needs more hot chocolate dust.

  5. Jodi, I'll bring you some dust when I come to visit someday. Happy to share.


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