Taking the pressure off

Hey everybody!  I've got some good news that you may not know.  I've been reading lots of Facebook status updates about all the pressure to get Christmas cards, gifts and whatnot delivered by December 25.  Well, guess what?  The Twelve Days of Christmas actually START on Christmas...so you've got until January 6 until Christmas is officially over!  I'm pretty sure that's why they call it the Christmas "season"!  Awesome, isn't it?

But really, I am taking these Twelve Days of Christmas to heart.  I don't think that all my Christmas cards will make it to their final destinations by Sunday necessarily.  But whoever received a card after Christmas and said, "WHAT?! A Christmas card NOW?!  AFTER the 25th?!  Into the rubbish bin you go!"  And what neighbors or family members wouldn't like to receive a treat after the 25th, something to extend the season, as we keep Christmas in our hearts?

I love the days after Christmas, when things quiet and we can really get down to baking and snuggling and reading and creating.  I mean, Christmas comes whether we think we are "ready" or not, doesn't it?  It comes; He comes; He has come!  Welcome Him, whether you are ready, or not.

Don't get me wrong:  we will have all the presents for the children ready and under the tree for Christmas morning.  One cannot deny the delight of coming down the stairs to find the once-blank space under the tree PILED with presents, the joy of opening an overflowing stocking!  I love it, and I want my children to experience the magic of it, as well.  Oh, how glad I am that our God LOVES parties and beauty and simplicity and joy.
        *        *        *        *
On another note, I really met with God this morning as I read Accompanied by Angels:  Poems of the Incarnation by Luci Shaw.  As I read poem after poem, I found myself weeping. I'm not sure why except to say that I met with the Father.  He knows my heart, and knew what I needed and He met me.  I recommend this little book highly.  I might share one with you tomorry.  Yes, I just wrote "tomorry".  That's how some people say it.

Don't forget, Christmas BEGINS on Sunday!


  1. Love your perspective, Kit - thanks!

  2. I'm going to be looking for a poem tomorry :)

  3. I get sad when the cards stop coming after Christmas. Always glad to have a few more come trickling my way. Yes! Christmas is just beginning! Merry Christmas to your whole caboodle!


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