Made flesh

Made Flesh

the white-hot beam of annunciation
fused heaven with dark earth,
his searing, sharply focused light
went out for a while,
eclipsed in amniotic gloom:
his cool immensity of splendor,
his universal grace,
small-folded in a warm, dim
female space--
the Word stern-sentenced to be
nine months' dumb--
infinity walled in a womb,
until the next enormity--
the Mighty One, after submission
to a woman's pains,
helpless on a barn's bare floor, 
first-tasting bitter earth.

I in him surrender
to the crush and cry of birth.
Because eternity
was closeted in time, 
he is my open door to forever.
From his imprisonment
my freedoms grow,
find wings. Part of this body,
I transcend this flesh.
From his sweet silence my mouth sings.
Out of his dark I glow.
My life, as his,
slips through death's mesh,
time's bars,
joins hands with heaven,
speaks with stars.
--Luci Shaw

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!  May your weekend be full of deep joy, peace in knowing that the Prince of Peace deigned to come to earth, so that He might know us. 


  1. Merry Christmas, Kit!

    We opened your card yesterday and Peter was asking about Lucy... "Who's that girl - is she 5, too?" They would be fast friends.

    Love to all of you...


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