Ya wanna see something cool?

Last year at this time I was in NYC with a bunch of cute 7th and 8th graders.  As part of our year-long unit on immigration, we took a field trip to Ellis Island and the Tenement Museum.  I was recently looking back through my pictures and realized that I never showed you the amazing apartment we stayed in while there.
So, my co-worker's daughter's in-laws (got that?) have this apartment in the Bowery (Lower East Side).  Some of our group were able to stay there for a couple of nights. 
The place was full of art.  A treat for the eyes.  Please to enjoy.

Humongous ball of yarn, anyone? 
LOVE the stacked books. 

Those are plastic goldfish strategically laid out under the glass coffee table.  How long would THAT last in your house?!

Sorry for the blurry!  Chalk board wall in a cool shape and with graffiti ALL over it! 

Guess what those are?! See below. 


  1. I'm fainting. Oh, how I love the koi pond coffee table. And everything else for that matter. And the sunny light in the apartment.

  2. so cool! I love the drawer labeled "crap." every household has one of those!


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