Sunday funnies

A few funny things from around these parts.

Last night just before reading time:
Theo:  So, I think I know the most famous books in the world.  For the Christians, it's the Bible.  For all the normal people, it's Harry Potter and Narnia.

All the normal people, indeed.

Lucy, showing me a sweater:  Mama, I've always wanted a sweater just like this one!
Me:  Oh, really?  I didn't know that!
Lucy:  That's because you can't read minds.


Here is what Walter was going to pack for his school lunch last week.  Before I caught him. That would be 8 fruit roll ups, two chocolate chip cookies, and 4 Halloween cookies from Trader Joe's. Well-balanced if I do say so myself! 

Also, this person was in church with us today.
And this is part of our dinner centerpiece.  Klassy, I know.  I honestly didn't notice it until halfway through dinner.  


  1. I see no problems with that lunch,Kit. ;)

  2. Jodi, maybe you're right...depends on what food groups you go by, right?!?

  3. My husband is away this week, and this normal gal is thinking about having a Harry Potter movie marathon. Might even read my Bible, too. :) Love that centerpiece!


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