October Snowmageddon

You probably heard about the freak October snowstorm that swept across the Eastern seaboard last weekend.  While we never lost power, our neighborhood on Sunday morning looked like a war zone with downed trees, branches and power lines everywhere!  Lots of people still without power not that far from us, so we are so thankful to be have warmth and light!  And Connecticut has it even worse; pray for them.
Sadly, this happened in our yard.  Poor, lovely old tree.


However, there are tons of things we're grateful for.  We've been nervous about this branch for a while, as the old tree had become lopsided, having lost several branches in storms.  We are so glad that it fell in the middle of the night, when no one was playing in the yard!  We are glad that the house was really not damaged, but for a few little window panes.  And look, even the lawn chairs didn't get smushed. Amazing.
I called the landlord to let him know what had happened.  I got this email back from him:

Hi Kit
My brother Bobby told me a big branch fell. We are on a ship out in the Atlantic Ocean,
so we can t do anything about the branch til we get back.
I hope the damage to the house is minimal.
Bart and Betty

Awesome.  On a ship in the Atlantic, won't be back for two weeks.  Comical!  Meanwhile, the kids have a new jungle gym!  By the way, I changed our landlords' names to protect their identities.  
Glad that the snow has melted and that people are slowly getting the power back on.  Glad that God is there, even when the weather gets superfreaky.  


  1. These are the times when you are thankful that it is the landlord's responsibility... even if he is in the Atlantic! I'm glad God is there when LIFE is superfreaky! Glad y'all are ok.

  2. wow. That tree branch is HUGE! i'm so glad no one was hurt.

  3. Oh my gosh. When my daughter Bron was 2, she was playing outside in a little pup tent. She ran inside for a drink of water; a minute later, a huge white pine fell, crushing the tent. God is good. My husband and I still thank Him for protecting her that day.


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