My baby is 6

How can it be that my baby is 6?  With her birthday always just before, after or on Thanksgiving, this girl may be doomed to always having family-only parties.
Here's how we celebrated her day this year...No one had school, so we were free to laze around the house (except for me; I was in a pre-Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning frenzy) and wait for MORE PRESENTS!
Her request for birthday breakfast was French toast, bacon and melon.  Done.
Around noon time, she was begging for more presents, so the boys gave her their present. They were so cute, fighting over who would carry it to her, and they sang a song of presentation.  It also involved some wrestling...

When she opened the bag, she exclaimed, "Oh my GOODNESS!" and ran to hug each brother.  She loves her new pink (fake) Uggs.

In the midst of the all the pie baking for Thanksgiving, we had to also make a birthday cake.  Not because Lucy wanted cake, though.  She informed me that she is "not a big fan of cake".  So, the rest of the family ate cake and Lucy ate chocolate ice cream.  Love that girl.
 We decided her cake looked like a giant donut.  Doesn't it?
The night was topped off by Lucy's receiving the much-longed for American Girl doll, Josefina.  She was so pleased.

Lucy dear, you are a delight to all who know you.  You are a ray of sunshine, so cheerful, sensitive and kind to all. Also, we love that you are so snuggly! We are proud of you and love watching you grow up.  Like Lucy in the Narnia tales, you are full of faith.  May you ever be so.
Much love,
Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

    (I love the looks of that cake.)

  2. Lucy doesn't have to be a fan of cake when she can totally rock a feather boa. I love the brothers wrestling over the gift-giving!


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