The Kit and Caboodle 500

Hey guys!  Guess what?  My last post was the 500th post published on this blog!  Cool, huh?
I've been so out of it since last week and our trip to Hotlanta.  We hit the ground running last Thursday and here it is Monday again! 
First, we were at the children's school to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Here are some very cute pilgrims, as well as some AMAZING kindergarten room mothers.  These ladies wore full-on Pilgrim and Indian costumes.  Now that's dedication.  Also, I will NEVER be able to be a kindergarten room mom.

Then we met up with a college friend and his lovely wife.  Bryan and Kimberley were in town so that Bryan could undergo surgery at Boston Medical Center.  John and I did our best to distract him from his pain by keeping up "Fletch" quotes and all manner of hilarity. What a blessing to be with them for a few hours!
Backing up a bit to our time in the ATL.  One of the best parts was having a bit of time with old friends.  The first night we had dinner with my college bestie and her sweet family.
Look at Lynette, sweet and beautiful as ever.  She is such a gem.
Lynette's third child is NOT dramatic at all, as you can see.
Got to keep the birthday celebration going for at least a week. Lynette made the waiter bring me some birthday ice cream.  Hee hee!
We also had an hour or two with our pastor and his wife from our late college/grad school/engagement/wedding days.  Bob and Margaret Anne played a big part in our lives in those years, especially because John lived in their downstairs apartment for a year or so.  In fact, in the two weeks before our wedding, John was in the basement apartment and my mom and I were up in the attic bedroom!  They did our pre-marital counseling and Bob performed our wedding.  Bob and Margaret Anne had four really little kids in those days, who are NOW GROWN UPS!  Can you believe that happened?!  The heck?!  They are still the cutest couple ever and we are so so grateful for their love and influence in our lives.

I love Thanksgiving week and all the preparation.  I hope you are finding joy in it, and not pressure.  I find it so easy to become pressured and joyless.  I want to just have fun and not have to be perfect.
Also this week, we will celebrate Lucy's birthday.  And I will cry because HOW CAN MY BABY BE 6?  Wah, no fair.


  1. Hey, Kit! 500 posts is very impressive! Congrats! Love the photos - especially Lucy in her lovely bonnet! Happy Birthday #6 to Lucy! (My "baby" Nathan is now 16!)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving,to you and yours. Kit. Blessings to the Birthday girl.

  3. Oh how fun to see Bob and Margaret Ann! They look great! I have such wonderful warm memories of those days in Atlanta. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. We came through there tonight on our way to B'ham. It was crazy mad traffic and I didn't miss that a bit! Happy Birthday to you....and to your munchkin! Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you.


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