Just Tuesday...on a Wednesday

Today I did a lot of talking.  I talked all morning with my children as we got ready for school, and then drove to school and then dropped them off.  There was a lot of hugging before I could get back in the car.

Then I was off and talking more, first with my friend as we walked and talked and promised to pray for one another.  Much has happened since the last time the two of us were together; we had a lot to process.

Then I drove to Bible study with another friend.  More intense talking and processing.  Didn't talk much in Bible study, but really listened and prayed.
Then I had about two blissful hours of NO TALKING as I Christmas shopped ALONE.  No sales people bothered me.  I was alone in my head and with my thoughts, plotting and scheming about Christmas gifts and how to make it fun for all.
Made a stop at the library.  Again, no talking.  This is the best library ever, hands down.  

Then it was off to parent/teacher conferences for two kids.  Another one tomorrow, not to mention doing writing my own report cards...eeek!  Not my favorite part of the job.  
Tomorrow, Thursday, is usually my day of no talking, but three kids have the day off, so I'm quite sure I will do my share of talking. Let us hope it is just TALKING...nice, calm talking...no yelling.   Juuuust talking.



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