It's November?

One of the things we did on October that you MISSED because I was all busy blogging about the CHURCH was the Topsfield Fair.  This fair claims to be the oldest fair in America, but I'm not so sure.  
Anyway, this fair has got it all:  agriculture, animals, rides, overpriced everything, crafts, the biggest pumpkin in the world (or something), and even a figure 8 derby.  

One of the four main fair food groups:  apple crisp.
Yup, those are cow booties.
This cute guy from our church calls Walter "giant boy".  Love it.

Here's Lucy with her overpriced crappy toy.  But look at how happy she is!

I really wish I had won a huge pink gorilla.  Just think of the possibilites!

That, my friends, is a fried Oreo and another of the four main fair food groups.  The perfect way to end the night!

Looking forward to all the excitement that the next two months bring.  So glad to be with all of you out there(my imaginary friends, as Nancy would say).


  1. I love these pictures...I especially love all of the colors and the sweet brother/sister moments you captured. And, who wouldn't want a giant pink gorilla?

  2. Wow! I've never been to the Topsfield Fair, so thanks for taking me there! Great pictures!

  3. Love country fairs and the food. Fried oreos--hello! The picture of Lucy with her overpriced crappy toy made me laugh. It reminded me of my daughter Joy. My husband and I still laugh at how she would gravitate to the ugliest cyclopsian dolls and mother them with passion while the American Girl doll collected dust on a shelf in her room. And I love the nickname "Giant boy."


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