Last week I actually MADE something that I pinned on Pinterest.  I had seen it a few months ago on Meg's blog and knew that I had to make it someday.
I bought crayons a while back, when school supplies were discounted.  I picked up some cheapy canvases at Michael's.
I know I was copying someone else's idea, but I love how it turned out.  It's so HAPPY!

PS Sorry for the dark pics; it was night time! 


  1. Wow! From Pinterest to real life! I'm impressed!!!

  2. Me lovey do! I'm makin' some stuff from Pinterest, too. I think I might need an intervention. I'm prefering Pinterest to going to work. And as far as your question goes, yes, art.

  3. i've seen this idea lots of places too...can't wait to try it! yours came out soooo awesome!


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