Loving the church: {Day 21} Friday food for thought

Chuck Colson on the church (as quoted by Ted Kluck in Why We Love the Church):

...there's an organic connection between faith in Christ, and being part of a church.  The relationship is spelled out so beautifully in Ephesians 5.  Just as a husband and wife at the altar become one flesh, you meet Christ at the cross and leave as one with His church.

I've seen much of the world where people could not get together for worship, and I've seen how desperate they were for fellowship, and how desperate they are for teaching and learning.  Church isn't something to be endured, it's something to be entered into joyfully.  Maybe you don't like the sermons, or maybe the music bothered you one Sunday, but those things are trivial compared to the very act of committing yourself to being part of the body of Christ, and participating joyfully.

We live in a therapeutic age where everything is measured by how much I get out of it...we live in an era of rampant individualism.  So in a very individualistic culture, the whole idea of being part of a community is counter cultural.

It's easy to be down on the church, and it's easy to find its faults; but when you become a believer, you are the church. 

I've always resented the phrase, "Where do you go to church?"  I don't go to a church; I'm a member of a church.  You don't ask where somebody "goes" to a country club.  I'm not talking about where you're going, I'm talking about where you plant your flag and say, "This is where I'm a Christian."

What are your thoughts?  Reactions?

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  1. This is a great reflection. I especially like this sentence: 'When you become a believer, you are the church'. Augustine said something similar in one of his sermons: '…he that loves the sons of God, loves the Son of God, and he that loves the Son of God, loves the Father; nor can any love the Father except he love the Son, and he that loves the sons, loves also the Son of God. What sons of God? The members of the Son of God. And by loving he becomes himself a member, and comes through love to be in the frame of the body of Christ, so there shall be one Christ, loving Himself. For when the members love one another, the body loves itself’. Precisely because we are part of that mystical body of Christ formed by the love shed abroad on our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Rm. 5.5), as John Calvin puts it, 'it is always disastrous to leave the church'.

  2. Jonathan, thanks for reading and thanks for bringing Calvin and Augustine to the discussion. I appreciate you so much.

  3. Amen to this! Loving your series so so much.


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